(Top most powerful pastors in nigeria). Many people do want to know the most POWERFUL pastors in nigeria, these men of God are very powerful and are held in high prestige in their various churches. They are leaders and head of different churches across nigeria.


Nigerians are very religious people are one of the most religious countries in africa, religion has been one of the major heritage of Nigeria and africa as a whole, so in light of these we like to hold our religious leaders in high prestidge.

These pastors have proven and are still proving that they are one of the most powerful pastors in nigeria by performing different miracles, deliverance and healings, some of which are healing the sick, deliverance, restoration and so many other wonders.


We have so many churches in nigeria and they are headed by very powerful pastors who are leading their congregations spiritually and guiding to the right path of God, so we here in this article we present to you the most powerful pastors in nigeria 2019.

1. ReV Father Ejike Mbaka

Father Ejike Mbaka is a catholic priest In enugu diocese in enugu state. He is one of the renowned known vocal pastors in nigeria. He is known for his ruthlessness against bad leadership in nigeria, he has spoken against various unfavorable leadership in nigeria.


He was declared a priest in the roman catholic church on July 29th 1995 and since then he has been steering the church to where it is today.

He is also the leader of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria which he has been heading with great zeal and doggedness and this you can see with the development and growth that has been present in the church since he beheld the helm of affairs.

Rev father Mbaka also believes in prayer and steaddfastness in the path of God this he has been preaching and installing into the doctrine of his church. Infact he believes prayer is the only way to alleviate any problem or set back ones life thus the reason thy he lays much emphasis on it.

He is also a philanthropist who likes helping the poor and the needy ones, he has so many scholarship programmed to his name and so many people have been benefitting from these programmes. He preaches hardwork and sincerity to his congregation. He is also a singer and lover of music and has so many music added to his name.

He is known for many healings, deliverance and miracles that he has performed in his ministry.

All these qualities and traits has made him one of the most influential and most powerful pastors in Nigeria.


Another most powerful pastor in Nigeria that is here in our list is pastor Enoch adeboye of the redeemed christian church of God, which is one of the fastest growing church in Nigeria. The redeem christian church of God is very much well known here in Nigeria and it is headed by E. A Adeboye.

Pastor E. A adeboye hails from ifewara on osun state. OK Astor adeboye has been known to be very brilliant while in school and that has been a driving force to his success. Before attaining the position of the general overseer I’m the redeem christian church of God, he was once the translator to the the former leader J. O Akindayomi.

The redeem christian church of God was born from the life events of pa Akindayomi who later handed the power of leadership to E. A adeboye. We have talked about the logo of rccg in our previous article, you can check it out.


Pastor WF kumuyi is also one of the most at powerful pastors in Nigeria presently. Deeper life christian church of God has grown so much that it has spread across all the four walls of the earth.


WF kumuyi hails from Erin-ijesha in osun state. He was born on 6th June 1941 in osun state. He got a first class honors degree at the university of ibadan in 1967 and later became a lecturer in the same university in 1973.

Indeed he is a good leader that he instilled the awareness of God in his congregation and through out the deeper life christian church of God.

Every achievement and success achieved in the church has his hand writing on them. He has performed many miracles that has awed a lot of the christian population and that has made him one of the moat powerful pastors in Nigeria.


Another great man of God who has performed and is known for his breath taking miracles across Nigeria. He is the founder of the synagogue, church of all nation (SCOAN), a church that was formed with 8 members.

He was born on June 12th 1963 in ondo state. His church has grown popular across Africa, this was born out of the miracles and spirituality that T. B joshua has spread across his church.

He was believed to be a school drop out in his first year due to inadequate funds to cater for his academic needs. It is believed that he embarked on a 41 days prayer and fasting after which God inspired him to form a church of his own.


Pastor Chris oyakhilome is also one of the most powerful pastors in nigeria, he is known for performing many miracles. He has proclaimed of healing HIV/AIDS and other health related issues through the power of God. He is well respected and known across nigeria and overseas.

He was born in December 7 1961 in edo state. He is the eldest son of his family. He attended Ali ambrose university, ekpoma in edo state. He has inspired so many people through his spirituality and he commands a large congregation.


Here is another most powerful pastor in nigeria that commands lots of congregation with the word of God. He has performed mouth watering miracles in the past and continues passing the teachings of God down to his adherists.


He is the general overseer of the mountain of fires ministry. He has grown the church into one of the largest in nigeria. He established the church in his living room with a small group consisting 25 members. Through the word he has grown the church.


Pastor david oyedepo is also one of the most powerful pastors in nigeria. He is the founder of the living faith church which has grown so popular in nigeria. Pastor oyedepo is a leader, and has also carried out various christian movements in the country.

He was inspired by God to build the church and that he did, and that sole decision has brought about the establishment of the living faith church in nigeria. His mega church in osun state has been said to be one of the largest church in the world. He was born 27 September 1954 in osogbo, osun state.


Another most powerful pastor in nigeria here is pastor oritsejafor. He hails from delta state and is the founder of word of life bible church.

He is known to be one of the richest and successful pastor in nigeria. He invests his wealth in so many other sectors in nigeria. He is also known to be a philanthropist who has contributed a lot in helping people around him.


Pastor Matthew ashimolowo is also another pastor here in this list. He was born in march 17 1952. He is the senior pastor of kingsway international christian church in London. He hails from a family that practices Islam but he later converted to Christianity at the age of 22 after the death of his father.

He is currently one of the most powerful pastors in nigeria. He began his in London with consisting of 22 members.


Father Emmanuel obimma is the founder of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry in anambra state. He is also one of the most popular catholic priest in nigeria.

He is known to have performed many miracles and wonders. He is also a writer and has authored so many books until date.



So in a nutshell these men of God are well known for their miracles and God given talent. They have inspired and influenced the lives of so many people out there in so many ways.

They are spiritual leaders who are passing the message of God to the their congregations across nigeria.

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