Do you want to get some knowledge about OSUN state nysc camp, pictures, location and experience? then stay tuned as I explain everything you need to know.

Nigerian youth service corps( NYSC) is a service that has been created for the nigerian youth to serve their motherland for a period of one year, leaving their various state of origin an by traveling to a far distant location to interact and socialize with their way of life.


The joy of every nigerian youth is to get the opportunity to fulfill this ambition, wearing the nysc wear is one that is very intriguing and filled with excitement. I will be touching every bit on osun state nysc camp, pictures experience location and orientation.

The nysc scheme which was inaugurated by the yakubu gowon and it is one that gets every nigerian young generation excited and intrigued.

The experience of visiting new cities, making new friend, and experiencing a different culture from yours has been and are one of those things that characterize the NYSC scheme.

The decree that passed nysc into the nigerian constitution was introduced on 23 may, 1973 by the yakubu gowon adminstration.


The nysc scheme was established to restore the lost connection between the ethnic groups in nigeria. Its aim was to form a system that allows various ethnic geo locations to socialize interact and metamorphose into one united unit barring all difference in language, traditions and norms. We are going to be discussing the various issues as regards to enugu state nysc camp, pictures, experience and location.

The nysc program dictates that graduating students from different tertiary and higher institution serve their motherland for a period of a year before which they step into the labor force.
During this period, the youths undergo different training and orientation that will help them ones they are done with the program.

Inter-ethnic interaction is one major experience that come into play during nysc, diffferent students from different tribes and background are mobilised into one camp thereby causing interactions and socializing. This helps each ethnic backgrounds to understand and expand their knowledge about other.


The osun state nysc camp is located at Ede north Local government in ede osun state. The land of virtue which it is also called is known for its rich culture and tradition and diversity.

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Osun state was created from the old oyo state in August 27, 1991. The state is well known for its hospitability. Its name was derived from the osun river which is one of the famous tourist centers in nigeria. Every year the osun festival is held with lots of people from different walks of life gracing the festival.

The state is rural, agrarian and also industrous. Much large portion of the population is involved in farming, production, and trading of goods.

Life in osun state nysc camp is very interesting, the heels, the stream and so many other experience can shape a very successful experience in osun state. The mobilisation of students is done in three phases which are:

The Pre-Orientation Phase

The pre orientation phase is one which is between the period where students are passing out of their various institution and enrolling for the nysc program. In this phase all preparations are been made to ensure the mobilization of the students. The school which at which you are graduating must have certified you and acknowledge that you are ready and fit to serve your motherland.

Students enroll and await their call up letter from the nysc administrators. All activities between this period are and can be put under the pre orientation phase. You also get some information about how the nysc scheme will look like upon its inception.

The Orientation Phase

The orientation phase occur within the first cycle of three weeks this is approximately 21 days, the period is one that is between the students callup letter and the commencement of the nysc program. The people are made to under training and orientation at their various camps in the 36 states in nigeria.

While in service, you experience different traits from different kinds of people. We have the rumor mongers, the talkative, the cool guys(am one haha), the listeners, and so many other categories of people.


parading at osun state nysc camp field

OSUN state nysc camp experience

aregbesola visits osun state nysc camp Corp members


salutation at the osun nysc camp


Corp members at osun nysc camp field



This event was narrated by a student who attended her nysc youth service at osun nysc camp. She states:

My first day in osun state nysc camp was a very hectic and also enjoyable day. The began with my colleagues waking me up as early as 3 am in the morning, i could not stand the idea of waking up do early in the morning but with time I soon became accustomed to it.

The day starts with the Corp members during different chores and getting ready for training session which starts at 6 am. One of such session that I enjoyed is the man O war drilling sessions.

After the drilling sessions we go to have our breakfast and we also had our swearing in ceremony immediately after we had breakfast.

We also had lunch after the swearing in ceremony followed by another drilling session in the evening. A party was also hosted that night for the new otondos who had just came for the nysc scheme, I was alsoone of them. The party was sponsored by Etisalat.
We enjoyed that night as foods and drinks were scattered all over the place.

What also got me awed is the way which people get close to each other so fast that you would think they have known each other for a long period of time. People meeting for the first time and acting all lovey dovey in a short moment of time spent together. I also had my own fare share of this too, infact an otondo bought me a meal on my first day on camp, and it was a delicious one.

Life at osun state nysc camp is a very interesting one when you look at the fun, and people you get to meet. It is also a very hectic one with hours of drills you have to undergo, and other things like avalaibility of water, long hours of queing etc.


Water is one big problem in the osun state nysc camp. The price of water is very high as those selling them usually take advantage of the fact that water is verily much in the demand at the camp. Surprisingly this has always and will always be one problem that the government will have to sort out. The scarcity of water has always been a recurring experience in a place where much population are prevalent.


How painful it is to wake up early, under tedious training sessions with the soldiers barking at you all day. Sadly this has been one area that have created a bad memory for me. The long hours of queing just to get water for usage is not something to write home about.

Am sorry if you are the one who has a high taste in food, then you should get prepared to get meals that are below par, jokingly this foods aren’t gonna worth the bill you will pay for them. There is also the Maami market for those who want to get stuffs like food, infact everything you can need is sold there.


This is the phase where you have to prove all you have learn during your nysc service. All the training sessions, talk hours are experiences that would have shaped and expanded your knowledge in so many areas. You are to prove all you have learnt, when this is done, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

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The osun state nysc camp can be very lively likewise it is at other various camps across the country. You gain knowledge, experience, and interact with people from different backgrounds.

Experiencing all this makes you feel the love and what the nysc experience is about. And there are also moments where you get tired of everything but then you have to push through all hurdles you might face and serve your country. Till then GOODLUCK.

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