Here are thing that wall geckos dont want you to know about them.

photo of wall gecko running on soil

Funny enough I used to have a little sister who is always scared of wall geckos, I mean the way they look, when they blink that their eyes, their colour are one of such things she always complains about when she sees a wall gecko running up the walls of the house.
Am also scared of wall geckos to some extent but that doesn’t mean I can’t kill them(haha am too big to run for geckos?). I kill when I find them disturbing my peace by running all round the house.
And another thing is there is this fetish beliefs about wall geckos especially in nigeria here.
Growing up, I heard that they tend to cause one to be stiff if they are above ones head.
It is also believed that they bring about bad luck if killed in your homes.
But that’s not what our tittle is saying so am not gonna talk about that.
Our topic here is things wall gecko don’t want you know, how much do you even know about them, some people just know them to be those creepy creatures that runs through the walls of the house.
But there are much more you ought to know about these little creepy creatures that always scares you lol.
Here they are:
1. Wall geckos are normally called house lizards ds or moon lizard. Some people also call them the known name “wall gecko”.
2. Their diet consist of only of insects which they eat while running all round the house. Not much to know as regarding their foods.
3.They lick their eyelids to clean dirt away from them and keep them warm. This explains the reason they can blink their eyes. And thats one of the reason my sister is so scared of them.
4. They are mostly very active at night than in day time. What a way to adapt to their nature since they most likely will get killed if found running around.
5. They mate and lay two eggs. In the reproduction process the female gecko lays eggs that are kept in shallow holes which are been dug in warm soils.
6. They are matured for mating at 11 months. And that’s why they are all round everywhere because they reproduction cycle. When mating occurs it usually happens when a gecko makes a sound that attracts the opposite sex. This sounds invites the opposite sex.
7. Unfortunately they are one careless of an animal?. They don’t take care of their young ones. when the egg is hatched the young ones are left to wander off on their own without proper care.
8. They have a lifespan of five years.
9. Onions and garlic are things that can scare them off. So now you know.
10. They drop their tail when being chased. This is done to distract their chaser as the tails continue to roll on the floor.
Updated: February 16, 2019 — 9:25 am

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