Logo of rccg: Meaning, Symbol and Importance

Today we are going to be talking about the logo of rccg (redeem Christian church of God) in case you don't know, hehe don't mind me just kidding?.

Now let's get down to business, are you asking the question:
The logo of rccg?
Don't worry that question will be answered properly here in this article.
Just calm down and read through this article, you will find what you want and every other thing you need to know about logo of rccg.
But before we start digging in let me discuss briefly about the redeem Christian church of God.
The rccg church, How it all began
Like we all know today, the rccg is one of the fastest growing churches in the world, its spreading like fire with branches springing everywhere from all corners within nigeria and all over the world.

In fact it is been stated that the goal of this church is to have a branch in every 5min walk you take in nigeria, that also applies to while driving.

And it does seem that the goal is being fulfilled as you can hardly find a location where rccg church has not been established even at the diaspora.

PA Akindayomi and the rccg church

Pa Akindayomi established the church in 1952 at ebutemeta which is currently is headquarters now. Since then the church has been growing widespread everywhere.
What brought about the establishment of this fellowship was when he discovered that the church he was attending were violating principles upon which Christianity was built on, he decided to start a fellowship and it was named "The Glory of fellowship".
At the first establishment of the church, it only consisted of nine members, then the congregation began to expand after news of the miracles and happenings at the church began to get to the people. The congregation continued to grow as the presence of God was being felt in the church.
Before the inception of the church, Pa akindayomi had always received visions that he will be his servant. Indeed all business and ventures that pa akindayomi took part in to be able to make life ends all failed woefully.
In this situation he decided to seek the face of God, thereupon he knew that he was meant to do the work of God. That was what brought about the redeem Christian of God.
How the name redeem Christian church of God came About
Pa Akindayomi also had a vision of words that appeared to be written on a blackboard. The words were “The Redeemed Christian Church of God.”
Amazingly, Pa Akindayomi who could not read or write was supernaturally able to write these words down. In this visitation, God also said to him that this church would go to the ends of the earth and that when the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in glory, He would meet the church.
The Lord then established a covenant with Pa Akindayomi, synonymous to the Abrahamic covenant in the Bible.
He said that He the Lord would meet all the needs of the church in an awesome way if only members would serve Him faithfully and be obedient to His Word. It is upon this covenant that the Redeemed Christian Church of God was built.
Now let's ride on to the main topic, the logo of rccg.
I am going to be talking about the logo of rccg, its meaning, what the colors and symbols mean.
The logo of rccg explained
Now everybody knows that the logo of rccg is one that is very popular even to kids that are just growing up.
No location in Nigeria today that doesn't doesn't have a branch of rccg, so the logo of rccg has been one of the common things known to a nigerian.
The logo has different parts which are:

    [*]The red strings.

    [*]The blue color.

    [*]The white dove.

    [*]The name in green colour

    [*]The white colour

The red colour on rccg logo

The red strings represent the blood. It signify the blood that protects the Christians and as such makes them victorious over the devil. It represents the power and depicts the Christians as conquerors.

The white colour on rccg logo

The white colour on the logo of rccg means purity and cleanlines. It is one of the best building blocks of the rccg church. The church emphasises on the purity in which Christianity is built upon.

The green text on rccg logo

The text in green colour represents fruitfulness which has seem to be the case following the growth of the church since is establishment. The church has expanded in a short period of time.

The white dove on rccg logo

The white dove on the rccg logo also represent the holy spirit as stated in the bible. It depicts the holy spirit present in the church directing the affairs of the church.

The blue colour on rccg logo

The blue colour signifies the love of God towards mankind. The love that made God send his son down.

[b]Conclusion: [/b]In this post we have mentioned brief history of rccg, the logo of rccg and meaning, and all you have known concerning the church. If you have any area you will like us to emphasize on, you can drop it in our comment box and we will see to it.
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